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Walk-in Services

The Hydrant takes walk-in service for the following item Tuesday through Saturday from 8am until 12pm. 

Below is a list of the services the Hydrant considers as a walk-in. All other services must schedule a full grooming appointment.
Face Trim - $10 around the eyes $15-$25 -full head, face, mouth trim-price determined by size of dog
Nail Clipping -$10
Nail Filing/Grinding -$10 (groomers discretion if it can only be file or if the nails need to be trimmed 1st)
At times a foot trim may be necessary to be able to grind the nails.  This foot trim will be $10-$15
Feet Trim $10-$15
Private Trim- $10
Anal gland releasing -$10
Pad Shave - $10

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