These guidelines are mandatory set by the State and if not followed the Hydrant will have to refuse services. Due to Covid-19, the CDC has recommended guidelines when interacting with each other. These social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced by the Hydrant Pet Center and by you choosing to have your pet groomed here you too must follow these guidelines. 

Drop Off Procedures 


  1. must not have a fever, cough or have any signs of illness
  2. must stay on the designated floor markers 6 feet apart
  3. must be on time for your scheduled appointment (no late appointments excepted at ALL)
  4. must wear a mask upon pick up and drop off
  5. must adhere to the one client in the building at a time policy
  6. must wait outside at predetermined marks 6-feet apart until you are allowed into the building
  7. must leave pet inside car, while people only, wait in line. This avoids dog to dog or dog to human contact
  8. must have ALL DOGS leashed
  9. must not bring dogs in any CARRIERS
  10. must not have dog/s in your arms to pass off to Hydrant Staff
  11. dogs must not be completely matted –because matted dogs cannot be bathed right away, we’d have to shave 1st, we cannot take matted dogs because the guidelines state dog must go right into the tub before we can groom.
  12. the dog must have been groomed in at least the last 4 months

Once Allowed Inside the Building 

Owner with their dog... 

  1. must briefly tell the Hydrant staff what they want the desired haircut to be*
    a. The groomer will not come up front to interact with client, at all
    b. 6 feet away from front staff at all times
  2. must take off your own dogs’ collar and leash once Hydrant staff places the Hydrant’s plastic leash on your pet
  3. must take all dogs belongings (leash, harness, collar, and clothing) with them
  4. must leave the building immediately and is not allowed to loiter or stand watching the grooming of their pet or leisurely shop around the store
  5. must know that if their dog ever has to have more than one groomer to help in the process (he is aggressive on nails/face/feet/any grooming portion and another groomer must assist) the dog cannot be complete or groomed at all. And will be sent home. Grooming prices will be established for the work completed.

*Because it has been a while since all dogs have been groomed your dog may have to be completely shaved down. This cannot be determined until we have washed your pet. This necessity is at the discretion of the groomer, not 

the owner; this is for the health of your pet. You will be called while your pet is in the tub if this is necessary for your pet. Due to the out of normal check-in procedures clients must be reachable, by phone, the whole time their pet is at the Hydrant. 

Once Appointment is Finished 


  1. must pick up their dog within 10 minutes of being called
  2. must make payment by credit card over the phone, at the sanitized terminal inside, or cash is accepted
  3. can choose to receive a receipt emailed, no receipt or hard copy from the store

Nail Trim Walk-In Appointments 


  1. must follow “Drop off Procedures” as listed above
  2. cannot hold their pet during a nail trim
  3. must know only one groomer can do nail trims (no requesting specific groomers)
  4. must know groomers cannot trim nails in the lobby
  5. must know that if their dog needs more than one groomer to cut his nails they cannot be cut at this time
  6. must have nails trimmed between the hours of 9:00 to 12:00 ONLY (No Exceptions)

Full-Service Grooming Appointment times may be longer than average due to the sanitation and cleaning standards that need to be taken between clients during this Covid-19 pandemic.