This Holiday season, why not give your pets the gift of health.  Make the commitment to your pet that you will feed them grain free, low carb, high-quality protein foods for the upcoming year.  We are pretty confident that you will see a dramatic change in your pet’s vitality as well as their skin and coat after feeding a better diet.

Excellent food is a gift that can decrease vet visits while extending the quality of life for your pet.  The Hydrant carefully selects the best grain-free kibble, canned, and raw diets and stocks their shelves only with foods that they would (and do) feed to their own pets.  For optimal health, we also recommend adding a little freeze-dried raw to your pet’s diet.  Everything you need to give the gift of health to your pet is available at the Hydrant!

Now let’s talk about treats.  Give your pet treats and chews that are made only in the USA, are quality controlled, and are not full of chemicals or things that are not appropriate for them.  Yep, that describes ALL of the treats sold at the Hydrant – safe and healthy!

Pico (pictured above) had his eyes on some Dr. Woofers biscuits while visiting the Hydrant for his holiday grooming appointment.  Dr. Woofers are one of the best selling dog treats at our shop.  Not only are they available in a variety of fun flavors, these American made biscuits are grain-free AND potato-free!

Happy Holidays!